Sam Beale II, Joins Forces with B3 Analytics, LLC

I am joining forces with B3 Analytics, LLC. They specialize in bringing businesses into the digital marketplace. They can help you grow your business now. With the right virtual market website, accredited digital marketing tools, and knowledge of trends and the world wide web, the B3 Analytics team is the best “employee” you can have for your digital marketing goals!

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About Us

We’re Your #1 “Single Employee”

B3 Analytics, LLC

Digital Marketing and Web Development Agency
We make business dreams a reality within the digital world and beyond. We focus on fundamentals of digital business development to grow your business, no matter how big or small, to make your goals a reality.

Areas of Expertise

We specialize in all aspects necessary to grow your business through a virtual interphase. We break down our strategy into categorized phases that are designed specifically per client so your business goals are truly emphasized. We offer an abundance of services within our individualized packages, including:

Web Development

We create beautifully crafted websites that emphasize your business goals while working with top rated tools that prepare your website for our digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing

We offer an abundance of digital marketing tools while working directly with you to fully service your website to drive traffic to your virtual business.

Project Management

We are your one-stop employee for all your digital marketing means. We work directly with you from the start of your virtual business to the end of its time.

Finance & Funding

Our payment plans and phase breakdowns allow us to work for any business, no matter how big or small, to bring your virtual business goals to life for a price you can afford.

B3 Analytics Services Offered

Our services are implemented within three phases. Each phase is designed to bring optimal results to your business in an organized and strategic fashion through the world wide web. We work for you to grow your business virtually and continue to stick by your side throughout the lifetime of your business.

Each phase offers a variety of services, including:

  • Beautifully Intuitive & User-Friendly Websites
  • Mobile-friendly, Highly Responsive Web Design
  • In-Depth Monthly Tracking & Analytics Reports
  • Improved Online Presence & Higher Ranking on Google
  • Social Media Content Calendar Strategization and Integration
  • Search Engine Optimized Content
  • Digital Marketing Research Specified for your Business
  • A One-Stop Dream Team By Your Side

The Three Phases

Our services break down into specific categories within each phase offered. Throughout each phase, your business will begin to grow overtime. We work with you from as early on as the beginning of your website, to the end of your business’ lifetime. Our main priority is being your number one helping hand when it comes to your business on the virtual market.

Phase 1: Build the Virtual Market Base

We digitize the business and place it on the web delivering a highly functional website that will enable the client to better market and promote their business and sell their products and/or services efficiently.

Phase 2: Digital Marketing Implementations

We assist the client in promoting their business through Social Media, Influence Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email and Text messaging. Our team provides intelligent strategies and approaches to help businesses reach their target market.

Phase 3: Going Beyond

We understand that throughout time trends will change and updates will be needed. That is why we focus our efforts on successful methods gained through earlier phases and take our clients to another level with customized campaigns and outreach.

Professional Experience

Meet the Team

Bernard Beale

Overhead Team Leader

Bernard works closely with clients through the process of finance, email marketing, and overseeing all projects.

Ashley Nurczyk

Social Media, Content Writing,
& Team Leader

Ashley focuses on social media marketing strategies while specializing in all written content for websites.

Charles Abraham Ramirez

UX/UI Designer

Charles Abraham works directly with clients on further projects within web development and digital marketing means.

Joel Beale

Data Engineering, Web Development & UX/UI Design

Joel approaches every project with a fundamental process of concept to creation. He engineers your components in many areas to create the product of your vision.

Professional Experience

Meet the Team

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