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We make business dreams a reality within the digital world and beyond. We focus on fundamentals of digital business development to grow your business, no matter how big or small, to make your goals a reality.

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Tell us about your business’ goals and how we can reach them together.

About Us

We're a Creative, User-Centric Marketing &Design Agency

We emphasize our values around our clients first, and we strive to bring them the virtual customers they can afford.

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By utilizing the best practices on the market, we bring the tools and resources clients need to fully optimize their business. We give the results clients want.


We take every aspect of our clients business digitally and do the work for them. We strive to give the results you desire from the start of your virtual business to the end of time.


We encourage our clients to see our team as the powerhouse behind their success. We are the special high performing “employee” that clients have always wanted.

Professional Experience

Meet the Team

Our team members specialize in web development, digital marketing, project management, finance and funding, and more. To learn more about each individual team member, click below.

Bernard Beale

Finance & Funding

Bernard Beale is our team leader and head of B3 Analytics, LLC, with experience in management, finance, sales, marketing, and operations. He has worked in roles such as a Chief Financial Officer, Management Consultant, and Chief Operating Officer while being the author of 35 Days to Good Health, How to Survive the Crisis and being the co-author of 35 Day Recipe and Meal Plan Book throughout his business working career.

He has expertise within financial matters, tax strategies, interfacing with vendors and customers, retail loans, real estate, health, wellness, technology, accounting, investor relations, public relations, and providing direction and oversight to key personnel. Bernard’s experienced background has inspired him to grow his own company, B3 Analytics, LLC.

Being the head of B3 Analytics, Bernard has an established Master’s Degree in Business Management from Aurora University with a bachelor’s degree from Oakwood College. He has been involved within the world of business for over 25 years.

His passions of health and wellness are emphasized within all the clients he has worked with. His truest attribute is bringing forth customers the business of their dreams. He works at great lengths to bring clients what they desire while noting the importance of their wellness within his work.

Ashley Nurczyk

Social Media Marketing

Ashley is a creative digital marketing specialist within B3 Analytics. She specializes in content writing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, digital marketing, and strategizing for website and virtual business development while keeping clients organized and focused with tasks on hand.

She currently has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and social media marketing. She has expert knowledge within a multitude of diverse backgrounds including the service industry, journalism, gardening, retail ecommerce, pageantry, digital gaming, social media applications (Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.), and more.

Ashley’s expertise in current social media trends and SEO results enables her to be our right-hand woman in emphasizing the full potential of your digital marketing strategy.

Abraham Ramirez

Web Development, UX/UI Design, Project Management

Abraham is an innovative UI/UX designer based in Fort Worth, Texas, with 10+ years of experience in web design and user experience design. He specializes in our client success, tackling business challenges, and helping our clients create strategies to help businesses scale.

Abraham holds certifications in User Experience Design, Interaction Design, and web programming. He is currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Communications from Tarrant County College. He has worked with local companies throughout Texas and with clients from around the world, helping them grow their businesses and organizations.

Abraham looks forward to answering your questions, guiding your business goals, and being of service to you and your organization.

Joel Beale

Data Engineering, Web Development & UX/UI Design

Joel is a well versed developer who focuses on the internal technical advancement of B3 Analytics while tackling design solutions for your Digital Marketplace. He has experience in several areas including User Experience, User Interface, Graphic Design, Data Engineering and Web Development at B3 Analytics.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Design at Walla Walla University in Washington state. In an aspiration to develop mechanical technologies that would positively impact the world, Joel gained much of his knowledge, discipline and problem solving abilities from his technical background in Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Automotive Technology.

Joel aims to develop products of high integrity by conceptualizing, planning, researching and implementing intelligent solutions. He strategizes cornerstones for every project he pursues towards the successful completion of a product. Most of all, Joel focuses on making the client vision a reality.

Web Design, Branding & Digital Marketing

Our Services

Our services break down into specific categories within each phase offered. Throughout each phase, your business will begin to grow overtime. We work with you from as early on as the beginning of your website, to the end of your business’ lifetime. Our main priority is being your number one helping hand when it comes to your business on the virtual market. Packages offered within each phase include, but are not limited to:

PHP | Javascript | WordPress | Ecommerce

We digitize the business and place it on the web delivering a highly functional website that will enable the client to better market and promote their business and sell their products and/or services efficiently.

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SEO | Social | Google Ads | Tracking & Analytics

We assist the client in promoting their business through Social Media, Influence Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email and Text messaging. Our team provides intelligent strategies and approaches to help businesses reach their target market.

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Logo | Video | Copywriting | Business Materials

We understand that throughout time trends will change and updates will be needed. That is why we focus our efforts on successful methods gained through earlier phases and take our clients to another level with customized campaigns and outreach.

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Client Experience

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